Saturday, September 26, 2009

la la la la la

i find that my favorite time to blog is exactly when i should be doing anything but. right now, for example. i have several things to do and missions to accomplish, and yet, here i am. such is life.
as i sit here, waiting for motivation (which usually doesn't come until right about the time i have no other option), i'm listening to one of my temporarily favorite songs. you know: that song that you play on repeat for about a week, then get sick of cuz you've listened to it so many times? that happens to me every week. without fail. the next time you talk to me, ask me which one it is. for the next couple of days, it will be "nada es para siempre" by luis fonsi.
when i first heard the song, courtesy of pandora, i was drawn by the music...for some reason, i liked the way it sounded. and if it wasn't for that, i'm not sure that i would be a huge fan of the song.
it's the reason i love (most) worship music. because though the sound of a song can offer a lot, ultimately, the words are empty and without meaning. i can listen to the radio for quite a bit, but ultimately, my heart longs for truth, not for nonsense. so i turn my ipod on and let my soul be filled with worship. it's such a great feeling of peace and awe and thanksgiving and joy. the stuff that only God can give.
i praise God that He has given me such a heart for worship...especially through music. it's been on my face in worship that i've come to experience so much grace and freedom and complete humility.
praise God, who hears my voice and fills me with His inexpressible joy.

Love, krystal.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

another year.

today's my dad's birthday.
and when i called him this morning to wish him a happy one, he asked me for money and handed the phone off.
and that's pretty much how it's been all my life.
i could get angry. i could get upset. i could cry. but i've done it all before.
so i'm just gonna pray. and get back to my work.
happy birthday, papi.

Love, krystal.