Thursday, December 10, 2009

maybe, definitely the worst movie i have seen in a long time

i'm sure a lot of you have seen the movie i speak of: definitely, maybe.
it's happened the way i've let it happen several times before...i never get to movies until they're months and years old. it's not a big deal, i like it that way.
but this is one of those movies i'm sad NOT to have missed. (no offense, roommates who own/like this movie)
let me quickly recap, in case you've been fortunate enough not to have seen this movie:
so this little girl goes to school and is given a sex ed class. (mind you, she's probably like 10, but that's another story). so she's picked up from school by her father (who is in the process of divorcing her mother) and asks him to clarify his love life/past girlfriends to her. her hope is that he would realize that he still loves her mom and won't split up. Her dad answers with an "it's complicated", and agrees to tell her the story about 3 past serious girlfriends, but he decides to leave the names out and have his daughter guess which of the three ends up being her mother.
the rest of the movie basically consists of the story: with 3 distinct women in it, each a possible future wife and mother. (WARNING: the rest of this is a spoiler, so if you still want to watch the movie, don't read this anymore) So the daughter figures out who her mother is. She realizes that her mom and dad will not be getting back together, but also assures her dad that he should be happy. The dad then sees that he's been in love with one of the other 2 girls (not the mom), the whole time, and goes back and visits her with a gift that he had been holding on to for "years". In the end, the dad, the daughter and the NOW new girlfriend all come together for a happy ending of true love and romance. And everyone gets what they want. (whatever happens with the mom, i don't know...but it doesn't matter, right?)

to be fair, it's a great representation of the values of the modern culture. love and comfort and "doing what you heart tells you to".
this also makes it absolute crap.
what's the message here? that we should go into marriage lightly and cling on to old relationships because maybe, someday, we might actually be happy or be fortunate enough to find true love? but in the meantime, it's okay to find a temporary stand-in AKA a wife or husband and start a family that is doomed to end? but don't worry, because what ultimately matters is how you feel and how everything turns out in the end. and if it's where you're meant to go and to be, then everything will be alright.
i think i just threw up a little in my mouth.
it's the epitome of selfishness. doing what i think would be best for me, no matter what. being willing to put myself before others, because that's the best way to make myself happy and "fulfilled". this wasn't a love story. it was a story about a guy who honestly feels that the world revolves around him, and ultimately sends the message that that's how everyone else should live,too. and it's all perfectly okay.

i'm sorry if this bursts your bubble, but that's not what Jesus says. This is a man who laid his life down for the sake of our iniquity and sin. He was the definition of what? so we could be the opposite? i don't think so.
but no one wants to watch a movie about a man and woman who get married and stay loyal to that commitment. who build a family on a foundation in God, and who struggle and have joy and trials and blessings and ultimately...give glory to God.

what about me? don't i deserve my own love story? where's my happy ending?
you're asking the wrong questions.

Love, krystal.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i'm back...for now

i think of how long it's been, and i feel ashamed...
i'm sorry to have neglected you, my blog, for so long. it seems like only yesterday that we were such good friends...i'd come to you with my thoughts and concerns and you'd display them for all to see. you knew so much about me, and now, i'm afraid, we have become almost strangers; we can only see faded pictures of what used to be, and ceased long ago to claim any sort of intimacy...
really, i am sorry.
sorry enough, you ask, to come back to you?
i won't make any promises that i can't keep, but will you take an earnest "i will try"?
i hope so.

for old time's sake, dear blog, i would like to update you a little about my life...
the truth is, not much has changed...i'm one semester closer to freedom now, after much turmoil and stress and many, many tearful breakdowns. (what else is new?) some friends have become more, and others sum it up in one word: life. it has happened, and will continue to be. and, for the time being, i'm still here.

praise God :)

Love, krystal.

p.s. i know you thought i couldn't do it, but i did. and so subtle, too. :)