Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i'm back...for now

i think of how long it's been, and i feel ashamed...
i'm sorry to have neglected you, my blog, for so long. it seems like only yesterday that we were such good friends...i'd come to you with my thoughts and concerns and you'd display them for all to see. you knew so much about me, and now, i'm afraid, we have become almost strangers; we can only see faded pictures of what used to be, and ceased long ago to claim any sort of intimacy...
really, i am sorry.
sorry enough, you ask, to come back to you?
i won't make any promises that i can't keep, but will you take an earnest "i will try"?
i hope so.

for old time's sake, dear blog, i would like to update you a little about my life...
the truth is, not much has changed...i'm one semester closer to freedom now, after much turmoil and stress and many, many tearful breakdowns. (what else is new?) some friends have become more, and others less...to sum it up in one word: life. it has happened, and will continue to be. and, for the time being, i'm still here.

praise God :)

Love, krystal.

p.s. i know you thought i couldn't do it, but i did. and so subtle, too. :)

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