Wednesday, February 18, 2009

there are some things i really hate.

i don't like the word hate. ever since i was little i was taught that it was a "bad" word. i guess it stuck with me because i find that i rarely use it. however, this specific topic draws it out of me... and i'm not ashamed.
it's sex. well, more specifically, sex in the media.
i watch a fair share of tv, and i really enjoy some of the dramas or whatever, but i can't help but cringe when sex is portrayed as a "whatever" thing. wait, what did those strangers just do? oh, don't worry, it's just as casual and normal as reading a book or having dinner. um, NO.
it's not casual. it's not something that should be portrayed as no big deal. it's not essential in any non-married relationship.
why are you telling me that sex isn't sacred? why do you insist on having people sleep together at least 10 times in every episode of every show? when did that become an okay thing?
ugh. i can't even write coherently right now, that's how frustrated i am. you know what abc? or nbc, or cbs or even pbs? i'm angry with you.

i just want to make something clear: the point of this post is not to judge anyone or their actions. i'm not here to tell you what's right or what's wrong. i'm saying that the tv and the movies don't need to advertise sex as if it were the only thing maintaining their ratings.
i, however, can't sit back and condone pre-marital sex. God tells me that it is not right, and so, i believe that it's not right. it's very black and white to me. BUT, i also have complete faith that my God is a merciful God who offers grace freely and abundantly and who erases sin completely. And i need this grace just as much as the next person, no matter what i have or haven't done.

Love, krystal.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

hey, mr. valentine.

it's valentine's day.
i know you knew that, but i'm saying it because it's the inspiration behind this post.
i've never had a valentine, but before you start crying let me tell you, it's not that big of a deal. i mean, yea, i'm a girl, yea it would be nice, but it hasn't happened for a reason, right? right.
anyway, i was just wondering what the point of the holiday was. i don't know the history behind it or anything, and i don't really care to, but TODAY...what is it all about TODAY?
i have a few theories.
#1. business. have you seen all those valentine tents go up? there are even people on street corners selling flowers and teddy bears and the like. i almost laughed outloud the other day because there was this tent in front of fry's that had popped up out of nowhere and there were nothing but guys there. and the looks on their faces said, "i can't believe i'm doing this". which is what i assume every guy in a relationship thinks on valentine's day...correct me if i'm wrong.
#2. determining whether it's true love. i actually don't believe in this, but i'm assuming there are plenty of girls out there who do. they're waiting to see how far their significant other will go for them, maybe waiting to see if he's worth keeping or if he should be tossed out on sunday. for the record...that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. if you can't determine what the status of your relationship is outside of valentine's day, then you deserve to be single. i'll trade you if you want.
#3. getting engaged. i'm not sure what i think about this. maybe people invented valentine's day so that there would be one more day on the calendar that the chances of getting engaged would go up. right now, there's christmas, new year's, fourth of july (if you're really patriotic), thanksgiving (if you're really thankful), and even mother's day (if you're breaking the news). why not add another day in february?

well, whatever the point of valentine's day is...the most important issue here is, i still don't have a valentine.

haha. just kidding... mostly.

love, krystal.

Monday, February 2, 2009

happy birthday, hermanito.

Today is my little brother's 14th birthday, so I want to dedicate this post to him.

Dear Nino,
Here is a list of things that make me like you:
1. You're my biological brother
2. You're cute
3. You think I'm smart
4. When we wrestle, you're pretty good competition
5. You don't mind our spontaneous bouts of dance
6. You let me hug you
7. You secretly love to sing
8. Sometimes you forget that you're a teenager and act like a little brother
9. We can have a 20 minute conversation regarding the confusion that is Heroes
10. You have a good sense of fashion
11. You're a good athlete, but you still like math
12. You have a great smile and you laugh a lot
13. You let me call you Nino
14. You keep your room clean
15. You don't do drugs
16. You're naturally good at practically every sport
17. You play frisbee with me
18. You dedicated a song to John (The Way I Are)
19. You're deathly afraid of having a Mexican Mustache
20. You're honest...even about the dumb things you do

But even if I didn't like anything about you, I would still love you.

love, krystal-ly-ly