Saturday, February 14, 2009

hey, mr. valentine.

it's valentine's day.
i know you knew that, but i'm saying it because it's the inspiration behind this post.
i've never had a valentine, but before you start crying let me tell you, it's not that big of a deal. i mean, yea, i'm a girl, yea it would be nice, but it hasn't happened for a reason, right? right.
anyway, i was just wondering what the point of the holiday was. i don't know the history behind it or anything, and i don't really care to, but TODAY...what is it all about TODAY?
i have a few theories.
#1. business. have you seen all those valentine tents go up? there are even people on street corners selling flowers and teddy bears and the like. i almost laughed outloud the other day because there was this tent in front of fry's that had popped up out of nowhere and there were nothing but guys there. and the looks on their faces said, "i can't believe i'm doing this". which is what i assume every guy in a relationship thinks on valentine's day...correct me if i'm wrong.
#2. determining whether it's true love. i actually don't believe in this, but i'm assuming there are plenty of girls out there who do. they're waiting to see how far their significant other will go for them, maybe waiting to see if he's worth keeping or if he should be tossed out on sunday. for the record...that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. if you can't determine what the status of your relationship is outside of valentine's day, then you deserve to be single. i'll trade you if you want.
#3. getting engaged. i'm not sure what i think about this. maybe people invented valentine's day so that there would be one more day on the calendar that the chances of getting engaged would go up. right now, there's christmas, new year's, fourth of july (if you're really patriotic), thanksgiving (if you're really thankful), and even mother's day (if you're breaking the news). why not add another day in february?

well, whatever the point of valentine's day is...the most important issue here is, i still don't have a valentine.

haha. just kidding... mostly.

love, krystal.


  1. When you get married and have kids, you should pass this onto your husband: My Dad was always my Valentine. Every Valentine's day I would wake up and there would be flowers and a valentine day card for me on the table (obviously my mom also received flowers and a card as well). It was amazing! It reminded me that it didn't matter if I didn't have a "real" Valentine (for the record I only received 1 Valentine's gift from a boy other then Ryan) because I was still loved greatly. Then that night our family usually went to the movies. I loved it! So, if you ever have a little girl you should consider that.

    Plus, not having a Valentine now really makes them even more special when you are married (as long as he doesn't forget the flowers :-))

  2. valentine's day is just a secular holiday that people use as an excuse to do stuff with their loved ones and whatnot haha. but if you really loved someone, why wait for some holiday? you should love them the same everyday, right? haha yeah. but i think it's a nice holiday to just share with your significant other for those who have one. hello krystal!