Monday, February 2, 2009

happy birthday, hermanito.

Today is my little brother's 14th birthday, so I want to dedicate this post to him.

Dear Nino,
Here is a list of things that make me like you:
1. You're my biological brother
2. You're cute
3. You think I'm smart
4. When we wrestle, you're pretty good competition
5. You don't mind our spontaneous bouts of dance
6. You let me hug you
7. You secretly love to sing
8. Sometimes you forget that you're a teenager and act like a little brother
9. We can have a 20 minute conversation regarding the confusion that is Heroes
10. You have a good sense of fashion
11. You're a good athlete, but you still like math
12. You have a great smile and you laugh a lot
13. You let me call you Nino
14. You keep your room clean
15. You don't do drugs
16. You're naturally good at practically every sport
17. You play frisbee with me
18. You dedicated a song to John (The Way I Are)
19. You're deathly afraid of having a Mexican Mustache
20. You're honest...even about the dumb things you do

But even if I didn't like anything about you, I would still love you.

love, krystal-ly-ly

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