Monday, January 18, 2010

i'm so human

i don't know what's wrong with me, but let me tell you---it does NOT feel good.
it's like when you feel sad and distraught, but you know that you shouldn't, and you have no REAL reason to be feeling the way you you're frustrated for being frustrated.
actually it's not like that. it IS that.
it's terrible.
i guess it's okay to be emotional every now and then. but feeling weak is no fun. that's what i feel right now. i feel weak. and i feel stupid for feeling weak.
maybe it's just one of those days.
after all, school starts tomorrow...and that in itself is enough to make me want to cry.
but it's not just that. in fact, i don't think it's that at all.
a lot of things have happened to and around me in the last couple of days. maybe it's that.

actually. i know exactly what it is.
and it's only partly stupid.

paul rejoiced in his weakness.
when you realize how very far you are from the perfection of God, it makes him that much greater.
i think tonight, i realized it just a little bit more.

Love, krystal.


  1. Every girl needs an occasional break down. Every girl needs to allow herself a short pity party every now and then. Every girl needs a good cry, and every girl needs to know how good it feels to move past those awful hours.
    Good luck, Krystal. See you on the other side of it.

  2. if it is what I think it is...and even if it's's always a good thing to let it out and give it to God. Neh. 6:9

    I miss you friend!

  3. why don't I know what it is? caaallll meeee!