Tuesday, February 16, 2010


i listened to commercials on the radio in spanish this morning. i could have changed the frequency..there was plenty of music available on other stations...but i preferred to listen to the spanish gibberish. or should i say spanglish gibberish.
it was actually kinda funny, and very obviously purposely spanglish, although that kinda defeats the purpose...anyway.
my first reaction was relief: that i could still understand every word. i've spoken spanish since i could form words, but i still get a little scared that having so many white friends is gonna affect my ability to speak my mother's tongue :). no offense to my white friends (who make up about 99% of them), i love you all very much. and either way...it wouldn't be your fault.
my second reaction was: i feel so special listening to a different language, and i hope everyone around me recognizes my greatness.

i know, it sounds bad...but let's be honest, we do it all the time.
like when our professors state a question in class and we mutter the answer under our breath, knowing that 3 or 4 students will hear us and be in awe when it's the correct answer...
or when we predict what's coming up in a movie right before it's revealed to us (or even better, long before it becomes obvious)...
or when we flash our really difficult-looking textbooks to all the com majors in the library...
or when we blast spanish commercials so that all the cars around us become jealous that we can understand the words coming out of the speakers too quickly for them to comprehend...
or maybe that's just me.

naw, i don't believe it.

Love, krystal


  1. Ok 1) Com majors- low blow. Take it back. Haha. And 2) I feel this would be more impressive in a state that isn't super close to Mexico... Come to an area that has as many Asians as Az does Mexicans, and then blast those commercials ;)

  2. Lol, Glo, I was going to comment about the "flashing difficult looking text books to comm majors in the library" as well! Low blow Krystal :)