Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my crazy body (i know, it sounds like a funny title...but bear with me here)

i have cuts, burns(okay, maybe just one small burn), and bruises all over my body. and sometimes i notice them and can't for the life of me figure out where they came from.
i do, however, have a few theories...

1. kim inoshita. enough said.
2. sleepwalking. although i highly doubt it, it is very possible that i am just a very clumsy sleepwalker. i've never woken up somewhere that i didn't recognize, and to be honest, i usually wake up in the same sleeping position that i fell asleep in, but for all i know, i have an alter ego, and she doesn't seem to realize that solid objects aren't meant to be walked into.
3. the theory that i most believe in is this one: i am a very sensitive soul, though you may not believe it, and my feelings get hurt somewhat often (although not in an unhealthy way, i don't think)...anyway. i think my body might have learned to show my emotional hurt in physical ways. you say something about me that hurts my feelings...BOOM. a new bruise on the knee. i think you might not appreciate something i've done for you...BAM. a papercut-like wound on my hand. i think i'm really going somewhere with this idea.
4. of course, the most "obvious" theory would be that the bruise on my knee was actually caused when i hit my leg on a counter; or that the papercut on my hand was in fact created while i reorganized the papers in my folder. but i don't know. it seems too easy for me to believe. and you know the most "obvious" answer is not usually the correct one. right?

Love, krystal.

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  1. So I have been noticing odd bruises all over my legs and wondering where they came from...i Was guessing maybe Alissa has been beating me or something, but theory 3 sounds remarkable to me! Though for you..it may very well be Kim out of fear Fez will love you more.