Sunday, May 2, 2010

on a sunday afternoon

some things i love...
the smell of clean laundry
swaying trees, as they are blown by strong winds
having friends who understand your thinking, no matter how many people don't
unchapped lips
freshly painted toenails
fresh baked bread
the feeling of relief after a really big test
singing really loud in the shower
waking up whenever i want
perfect phone reception
speaking spanish
dogs that don't bark
the spurs
foreign accents
really good movies
free stuff
the feeling of just-shaved legs
listening to outstanding musicians
not being alone
cute kids
when people laugh really loud for really long times
little kids with faux-hawks
being really warm under a blanket
chocolate ice cream
the feeling that you're swimming while you lay in bed after a really long day in the pool
when really good black ladies sing and gospel choirs
watching musicals on stage
making patients laugh
a clean room
good hair days
colored eyes
really soft beds
huge teddy bears
making the time to list off things i love

Love, krystal.


  1. life would be so much cooler if I were a big, gospel-singing black lady..

  2. I love:
    freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
    scraping the batter out of the brownie bowl
    homemade bread
    a full gas tank
    live jazz music
    singing along to a song at top volume in the car
    good time with good friends when we all hurt from laughing
    the way Paris smells
    blog updates :)