Monday, December 13, 2010

sir,sir, can you hear me?!

currently sitting in my ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) class.
please don't collapse around me...i don't think my nursing skills would kick in fast enough to overcome my "oh no don't die!" instincts

also thinking about not spending christmas at home for the first time ever. it's kinda sad. and new. mostly it sucks to think that my gifts won't be opened til i see my family at new years. not my gifts as in their gifts to me, but my gifts to them. to be honest, i'll be working through christmas eve and sleeping through the day, so i don't think i'll actually miss much. except the food. no posole for me.

i'm finished with my new grad program on friday...gonna be on my own with 5-6 patients!! crazy. pray for me. :)

Love, krystal.

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