Saturday, June 5, 2010

mi vida, en espanol...

I'm heading to San Antonio on Wednesday for the start of my summer training program Viva NavVida. I'll be spending about 5 weeks as a team leader at the STP, learning, teaching, and sharing life with people who I'm sure are soon to be good friends. I also get to go to Mexico and do the same in my favorite language (the wonderful Espanol), and what could be better than that?
I expect to have a lot of fun and also be incredibly challenged...I know from experience that God takes every opportunity to grow me and challenge me, and that that process can many times be very difficult, but I'm looking forward to it and know that none of it will be in vain.
I hope to be able to keep people updated, both with blog posts and emails, so expect a couple more consistent posts in the coming weeks.
I'm excited to share my experience and the testimony that God continues to make of my life...I know that my God is a big God, and that He never disappoints. Please pray for me!

Love, krystal


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    Read all the posts to see the whole picture, val

  2. I still think it's sad I left San Antonio today and will miss you!

  3. That's totally sweet! Have a good time!