Saturday, September 11, 2010

lonelyyy, i'm so lonelyyy...

did you ever wish you had all the time in the world? a free schedule not bogged down by pressing responsibilities and due dates?
it's terrible.
is it more terrible than being stressed and burdened out of your mind? perhaps not. but i must say both ends of the spectrum have the potential to drive a person insane. and i might just be toeing the line.
i feel like a dog who has suddenly lost a significant amount of control of his hind legs and whose existence now consists of nap after rest after nap. ironically, such a dog is currently in the nap stage of his life at my side. (though maybe not so ironically, because the fact that he is there is probably what led me to draw the comparison).
however, i can safely say that i have not yet reached the point of total is obvious by the fact that i am currently writing an entry for my blog. though one might contest that producing an entry for a blog that is only read by about 15 people (at the very most), is not necessarily useful. to which i would reply: really? can't i at least have this?
and so, to further prove that my existence really does matter, i will now make a very useful list of songs i absolutely love:
fly me to the moon.
hmm. well, that's all i have. i just listened to it on Pandora, so it was fresh in my mind. although i doubt that any of you are actually interested in reading a list of songs that i like. or that such a list is as useful as i implied.
take a bow (by leona lewis). that's another one.
i saw a documentary about dreams today. it was pretty least the part that i paid attention to was. apparently, a human goes into a type of paralytic state when they're in the REM cycle--completely unable to move any muscle. which is incredibly handy because they did an experiment where they took away the part of the brain that commands the body into a paralytic state in cats, and they had footage of cats chasing mice and attacking things in their sleep. and they found some people that have some disorder where the paralysis never kicks in--these people wake up to find their room a mess, with lamps and tables knocked over, cuz they act out their dreams in their sleep. crazy.
so it's just me and Fes at the moment. (who, in case you didn't get the reference earlier, is basically bedbound after losing the feeling in his hind legs for a couple of days and learning now to hobble around with the little feeling that he seems to be regaining). the dog never was a very active pet, but now he seems to have lost the will to move. although i'm not sure he's too disappointed. consequently, however, i'm not sure how he feels about me. (though, considering the circumstances, that's probably not the most crucial dilemma at the moment). he used to hop onto the couch with me whenever i was around, but now he can't hop at all, and i can't really read his expressions. we'll have to make do with the remnants of the relationship that remain. i should let him go outside for a bit.

Love, krystal.

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  1. Krystal, I know you and I never really hung out or talked back in my Nav days but I am one of the 15 subscribers you mentioned in this post. And I can definitely say that your blog posts do matter -- they are full of honesty and heart. Plus, I'm a big fan of music so I always like reading what others are listening to. Anyway, hopefully you're finding ways to fill your time and avoid that open-schedule cabin fever!