Thursday, February 3, 2011

does the shadow mean no more winter?

today is groundhog day. aka nino's birthday.
happy 16th, mon frere.

random day. a lot of driving. not my favorite but such is life.

sitting in the hallway trying to decide when to break the news to my lovely roommate that she's sleeping in the wrong bed. not only the wrong bed, but my bed.
can't go downstairs cuz it's occupied.
desperately hungry but it's too late to eat. that's what happens when you take naps in the evening and miss dinner.
it's probably the reason i'm not in a hurry to claim my bed...i just woke up from a fabulous nap a few hours ago.

rent is due. i should get on that.

taxes for the first time in my life. intimidating is the word that comes to mind. i need to find a tax friend. aka a friend who really likes doing taxes...or just a friend who knows how to do them and really likes me.
i'm instinctively wary of tax people. aka people who get paid to do taxes and work for big tax companies. maybe i'm just greedy.

nostalgia is not something i dwell in much. i tend to focus on the present. however, i'm feeling a little bit nostalgic. maybe it's the taxes thing.

been reading some books from the library. completely random ones i grabbed from the same section of the fiction bookshelves. consequently, all the authors' names start with a K. i have now started the 3rd book. i'm about a third through the first one and about 2 short stories into the second. i must say i'm not a huge fan of short stories. i think that for the most part they try too hard to be noticed. probably cuz they're not long enough to give themselves time, so they throw everything into a handful of pages and then you're stuck trying to interpret a book's worth of ideas and ramblings that have been not so cohesively jammed into 10 pages. not fun.
unless you're into that sort of thing i guess. but then we're probably not friends.

the father is pushing the 401K thing. i still don't know what it is.

i have this urge for jack in the box tacos. haven't had those in a while. for a reason, of course...they're doused in grease. but they're delicious. i can't help the craving. mighty inconvenient though.

mighty inconvenient is a funny choice of words. i don't know how i came up with that one. i must be a genius of some kind.

or i may just have read 1 too many short stories.

Love, krystal.

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  1. if you want help with your taxes, i can help you when i'm in town. i'm pretty good..i got $451 back this year!