Saturday, February 5, 2011


a list of things i can see from where i'm sitting at work:
1. empty large smartwater container. probably the reason i've gone to the bathroom already 3 times
so far and am getting the feeling i need to go again.
2. sea island cotton lotion, courtesy of bath & body works. very necessary when you have to wash your
hands every 5 minutes. with alcohol.
3. medical charts. containing all the information you never thought you'd have to share with an
entire floor of nurses and doctors.
4. my stethescope. shining as bright as ever in its neon yellow color.
5. my phone. sadly receiving no calls or texts seeing as everyone who has my number is currently
6. some ambien. for the patients who love me so much, they can't sleep knowing i'm still awake.
(for those of you who don't know, ambien is for sleep)
7. my hands. though i can't tell by just looking, i can feel the lack of heat. there is no way it is 85
degrees in here. stupid thermostat.
8. a blanket. which was once warm and toasty straight from our blanket warmer, but has long
since lost its glory and now lies abandoned on the chair next to me.
9. a red pen. used to sign my lovely name followed by the glorious abbreviation: RN.
10. my notes. covered in all the information i need to process and apply as i take care of my
patients. some more difficult than others.

i tell you this, not because you care, but because i obviously have nothing better to do. it's a quiet night
after a long string of not so quiet nights. it's refreshing and i'm definitely not complaining, but what
better thing to do with my time than share my thoughts with the world? it's fortunate, perhaps, that
the world in this sense of the word is not the world at all, but only just the few who frequent this page
at least once in a blue moon. let me just take this time to thank you for your continued support. whomever
you may be. is it whomever or whoever?

i would like to thank you furthermore with another list.

a list of reasons you should continue to read my blog:
1. it makes me feel good.
2. it makes you feel something. whether it be apathy, annoyance, amusement, or anger.
3. i just now nonchalantly made a list of emotions all starting with the letter "a" without even trying.
4. i also just used the word "nonchalantly" for the first time in my life: just for you. <3
5. you have nothing better to do. <-- it may sound as if i am minimizing the importance of your life,
but what i really mean by this statement is: it gives you something to do if and ONLY if you have nothing
better to do.
6. thinking of you, reading my blog, it lights up my thoughts! (this may sound a lot like the first with it)
7. you can learn from my mistakes. i can't really pinpoint any at the moment, but i'm sure i've made plenty of
them---just read my blog!
8. i will eventually get better at list-making.
9. if i ever get famous, i will personally thank you for sticking with it.
10. i love you. what more do you want from me?

Love, krystal.

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