Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 things I must have when I own my own home.

1. multi-colored walls: none of this boring neutral color stuff. there will be stripes, polka dots, rainbows...ok, well, maybe not rainbows, but yea.

2. a music room: with a piano, couple of guitars, karaoke machine...sounds amazing.

3. mood lighting. i.e. white christmas lights everywhere...or at least in the kitchen.

4. a library: stocked with books of every kind. from harry potter to c.s. lewis to dean koontz. plus, a bible in every version.

5. a huge bean bag that fits at least 5 people.

6. an extensive DVD collection composed mostly of romantic comedies and tv series.

7. abstract art. because it makes no sense and yet, you can't help staring at it. or maybe that's just me?

8. every appliance from the "as seen on TV" store. then everyone would be eternally jealous.

9. a pool with a diving board and a couple of slides. and a sauna.

10. a husband.

actually...i think i could do with just the last one.

love, krystal.

1 comment:

  1. 11. An old roommate who refuses to leave because your house is so much cooler than hers :)