Saturday, May 2, 2009

mere humans

If it hurts me so much to see Your people get caught up in satan's lies and false promises, how much must it hurt You?
You want to see us embrace Your love, Your perfection, Your promise to make us blameless and holy. But we are without true love, imperfect, guilty, and sinful. And yet You take these weak vessels and use them for Your glory.
Because without You, we are mere humans...reaching for fulfillment and coming up empty.

Love, krystal.


  1. i pray we can keep our pride in check and never be able to claim "I am enough"...because we never are enough...His Grace is enough.

  2. Ah, I really appreciate reading this post after having gone through this past weekend. Thank you for posting it, Krystal. Without Christ our lives and everything we do is meaningless --- and it breaks my heart to see someone caught up in a worldly philosophy. :-( Bah, if only we all were better at loving God in return.