Sunday, August 9, 2009

I-10 adventures

i drive a good amount. during the semester i drive to and from school basically everyday, and i run errands and you know, normal stuff like that. also, twice a semester (at the beginning and the end) i drive from tempe,AZ to lakewood, CA or vice versa: about a 6 hour endeavor.
this last friday i stuck to tradition and drove down here from CA. as i was driving on the I-10 (oh blessed I-10), i found myself constantly surrounded by large trailer trucks. i understand the importance of these trucks, and the sadness that they must feel being away from home and lonely for so long at a time, not even able to drive at a normal 75mph speed, but stuck at their 55-60mph limit. but after having to slow down and throw my cruise control off for the hundredth time just so these trucks could bypass each other and play their little "i'm faster than you" games, i just about lost all of my compassion for them. it was at about this point that i remembered to look on their back doors and catch a glimpse at the phrase "how's my driving?". i then glanced down at the number below the lovely phrase and decided once and for all to let them know how i really felt. here is what happened:

h.m.d.(how's my driving): good morning, this is bob* (*real names have been changed).
me: hi, i wanted to comment on someone's driving.
h.m.d.: yes, that would be me.
me: wait? you're the guy driving a red trailer truck on the I-10 eastbound?
h.m.d.: yep, what's up?
me: well. you just cut me off and made me slow down just so you could beat your little friend in the blue truck...i think that qualifies as bad driving.
h.m.d.: hmmm. i disagree.
me: i'm sorry, i didn't call "how's my driving" to have someone disagree with me...i called to let you know that, well, your driving's horrible and i think you should quit or at least get fired.
h.m.d.: ok. i'll log it in my official comment book.
me: i don't believe you. what kind of system allows their own drivers to record complaints? if you ask me, it's completely illogical.
h.m.d.: thank you maam. i will be sure to let them know.
me: are you kidding me?! can i get your supervisor on th..(click).

or at least, that's what would have happened if i had actually called. all i really did was tailgate him until he got over to the other lane and sped away.

Love, krystal.

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  1. i desperately wanted that story to be true. good read anyway! welcome back to tempe. i hope this year is fantastic for you!