Sunday, January 25, 2009

i want mail.

so i'm watching you've got mail with the roommates and i'm thinking to myself, why don't i have a mysterious email/pen pal? it's not as improbable as you might think. and it's not like i would plan to meet said pal and fall in love or whatever...i just think it would be super fun to be able to talk to a person whom i believe to be completely separate from the rest of my life. i mean, he COULD be a good aquaintance, even a friend, but as long as i don't know that, it's all the same. of course...we'd have to be quite compatible in our ideas and thoughts in order to not get bored with each other, etc. but i digress.
the idea i'm trying to get at is this dream of having a confidant. a person i could say anything to, and whether or not he agreed or even cared, i'd have total freedom. he wouldn't even know what i looked great is that? and he'd be able to give me advice or at least some kind of reaction that i wouldn't have to worry about but that i would look forward to.
i'm also not saying that i don't trust my friends. i really do...and i tell them tons of things. but sometimes i want a guy's perspective, and in my life, no such guy exists...yet.
i realize that my argument sounds childish. and i agree that it is. but that's what movies do to my brain. you'd think that i would have learned my lesson by now, but i guess not.

love, krystal.

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