Sunday, January 4, 2009

it is so.

amen. defines it as "so be it".
i always thought it was a funny word.
i guess that sounds kinda wrong...cuz it's in the bible and all.
i was at church the other day--which is awkward in itself cuz i don't really have a home church here in CA anymore and i hate feeling unknown--and the pastor was talking about the economy and politics and stuff. it was a segue or whatever, but that's not the point. so the pastor is talking about the national debt and the bailouts, etc, and he says something along the lines of "the government is addicted to spending!". okay. then, about half a second later, some man sitting behind me seems to have gotten riled up by the statement and shouts, "AMEN!"
i understand that the man used the word properly. he agreed with the statement and responded accordingly. however i feel that, of all of the things to agree with in church, government spending is not even in the top 100.
maybe it's because i myself have never responded in such a way. even when half the congregation is shouting amen, the word still feels strange in my mouth, let alone coming out of it.
in fact, here's a list of words/phrases i would rather use...

1. i agree
2. you're right
3. it is so
4. uhuh
5. true
6. yes!
7. hallelujah
8. huh, ironic
9. touche
10. clown
and basically any other 1-3 word combination.

love, krystal


  1. Touche :) Great blog Krystal. I would have one, but I have nothing to say and it would probably be terribly boring. I might come to Phoenix to visit my aunt and uncle in mesa sometime in the next couple months...I may have to visit you too :) Hope all is well.

    Caleb (Johnny)

  2. "huh, ironic" and "clown" are amazing. I think I'm going to start ending prayers with those, and see what happens.

  3. I feel like there's a legetimate chance of me one day losing perspective and throwing an amen behind something stupid like a budget deficit or something. When that day comes I'm going to need you to come find me and slap some sense into me. You could even yell "Clown!" when you do it for good measure..........Also as far as amen replacements go i like "You know it", "Word!", or in a pinch a "Yeppers" will also do.

  4. Haha no Gabe, she'd yell "FOOL" when she slapped you! Silly man...