Saturday, December 27, 2008


julio's my dog. when i say he's my dog, i really mean that he lives at my parent's house. and he doesn't bite me.
today, i was sitting in the backyard, reading THE BOOK (if you know what i mean), and julio came up to me and started jumping into my lap. it was pretty annoying, he's pretty furry and he sheds a lot, and honestly, i was busy. but just a couple of minutes later i realized that in my life, i treat god a lot like i treat julio.
i realize that comparing the dog to god is pretty blasphemous, but stick with me here.
i like julio. i do. he's cute and he loves anyone who plays with him. but i don't ever go out of my way to be with him. in fact, today was the only the second time i had spent more than 5 minutes with him since i got here. and it's not like i haven't had time. i spend most of my day at home. and it's not like he disappears randomly---he never leaves. i just don't bother. but everytime i do, julio can't get enough of me. (i know, it's an awkward sentence). and i have a lot of fun too. it's as if i never rejected him. he's forgotten all the times i've screamed at him or pushed him off of me...he's even forgotten that i only see him twice a year. he loves me anyway. and he can't wait for me to just spend 10 minutes with him.
thanks, god. and sorry. again and again.

love, krystal

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