Thursday, December 25, 2008


i got an ipod for christmas this year. well, it's an ipod nano and according to my brother, it shuffles the songs when you physically shake it. sounds pretty cool. also sounds way too high tech . it kinda freaks me out, actually. although, there would be a lot of things that could come in handy if they did cool stuff when you shook them...
1. my brother. let's say he's talking too much or is in an iffy mood...give him a little shake and ouila, he's happy, or at least quiet. perfect.
2. my watch. just shake it a bit and i have 10 extra minutes to sleep. of course, then i would run the risk of it taking away 10 minutes, but that's a risk i'd be willing to take.
3. my credit card. free money.
4. my favorite heels. a different color everytime.
5. my face....well, i guess it's self-explanatory by now.

love, krystal.

p.s. my ipod's really cool. i think you should be jealous.


  1. i guess that means you can't run with it, huh?

  2. is that how you spell ouila? i've always wondered. ironic!