Sunday, December 14, 2008

i don't usually like posting lyrics. i feel that it can get boring and, frankly, it's not really your own. but i'm listening to this song that never fails to touch me and convict me and i really wanted to share it. some of you may recognize it, it's written by garth bostic.

on a path that's been beaten but no one walks

i've been looking for some answers but no one talks

i've done things i wish i couldn't remember

my God i need You to carry me


out of my prison and out of my chains

out of my burdens and into Your mercy

out of my worry and out of my pain

out of my fears and into Your mercy

out of my past and out of my shame

out of my mourning and into Your mercy

into Your mercy


i've got stains that nothing i try can get out

i've got hope but it's pulled by the weight of my doubt

but all my faults Your grace will never remember

my God i'm free and You carry me


You're the only one who is worthy to forgive

You're the only one who takes my end and then begins

You're the only one who can set this hostage free

my God i believe and You carry me

what an amazing God that forgets my mistakes and guides me in His eternal freedom. despite my doubt, despite my vain anxiety, despite me.

love, krystal

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  1. I know what you mean. This is my absolute favorite of Garth's songs because it really speaks to me.