Saturday, December 20, 2008

i'm writing now as i watch a legendary show: iron chef.
for those of you who don't know what this show entails, let me explain.
there are 2 chefs. one is always some famous challenger from europe or china or some other place with a long list of experience and expertise. this challenger then chooses from 1 of 3 iron chefs--more experienced chefs that work for the show and usually win the competition. this competition consists of a 60 minute showdown, where these two chefs battle to make several plates/entrees based on a main ingredient. in this particular show, the theme ingredient is piglet. anyway...after the 60 minutes are over, there is a panel of judges that decide which chef made the best combination of plates according to taste, presentation, and use of the main ingredient.

well, now you know....and honestly, you could have gone without reading the previous synopsis and survived just fine.
the iron chef, however, is not the reason i'm writing this post...although it is the inspiration. what i really want to address are reality shows.
i realize this can be a tiresome topic. i'm pretty sure i've heard just about everyone's opinion about said reality shows. "they're fake" "they're amazing" "i can't stand them" "i don't really care". well, i don't really care either. what i DO care about is, what show would i least want to be on? (and isn't that the most important issue of all?)

1. project runway. ugh. drama drama drama. and really...if i could just "make it work", i wouldn't be having any trouble finishing my crappy design, would i?

2. the bachelor/bachelorette. really? how can you expect to find the love of your life from 25 men/women who are all basically the same person? there's only a small percentage of the population that would even think of being on a reality show, and guess what, mr bachelor? they're all in your living room, ready to "win your heart" and steal your money.

3. amazing race. why risk ruining a perfectly good friendship or family relationship just to run all over the world doing ridiculous tasks and inevitably finding myself in morally iffy situations? i'd much rather grab my "partner" and run around the neighborhood, growing closer with meaningful conversation and funny jokes. cuz i don't care who you are...i WILL be annoyed with you very soon after starting this supposedly "amazing" race.

4. every other reality show. as much as i like other people making fools of themselves...i would die if it was me on that tv instead.

love, krystal.


  1. so i really want to be on the amazing race with my sis...i think it would be amazing to get to travel the world on someone else's ticket! i think it would be a lot of fun to do some of the things you do and would otherwise not get to experience!

  2. I gotta go with Ali on this one. If The Amazing Race calls, I'm going. There's no reason you can't run around the world having good conversations and making jokes. In fact, I sometimes split my friends in to "would take on TAR" and "would not take on TAR" and you just got bumped to the latter.

    everything else made total sense though....I just thought you'd like to know.

  3. Dude, I'd totally do Amazing Race. Krys, we'd be amazing partners! I'm signing us up. Let's just hope they don't make us eat anything nasty or deal with any bugs...