Sunday, December 21, 2008

i played with barbies today.
that's right, you heard me. in my defense, it was at the request of my 3 yr. old cousin.
it surprised me how mature she was for her age. at one point, she pointed out chad, who was engaged to a blond (let's call her stacey). She knew stacey was engaged because she had a ring on her wedding finger. she even knew the term "fiance". i was very impressed.
the more astonishing part was the story playing out in her mind. she was sitting right next to me, but the dialogue was voiced to an audience of the dolls involved. however, i heard snippets of the conversation as she used a low voice for chad and a girly voice for stacey. as i listened i thought for sure i was not understanding, so i asked her to tell me what was going on. and here's the story she gave me:
stacey and chad are engaged, but their friend quit and doesn't want to have the wedding at her house so now they don't know what to do. (i then told her to just ask another friend to host the wedding, a suggestion she felt was appropriate...she continued) i just asked stacey and she decided that she wants to quit the wedding with chad so they're not getting married anymore. chad then talks to his mom who says he should find another girlfriend. chad finds ariel and tells her she's pretty, which will lead to a date, which will lead to ariel being chad's new girlfriend.

the girl is three. but already, she knows more about marriage and relationships than i knew in the 5th grade. and this leads me to the list for today:
facts about relationships- from the mind of a 3 yr old...

1. if a boy asks you on a date, that means he wants to be and will become your boyfriend.
2. a boy will only like you if you are pretty.
3. every boy gets all his advice from his mother.
4. friends are flaky.
5. it's not very difficult to just "get over it".

thanks, i really needed that.

love, krystal.

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