Monday, March 16, 2009

a horrible end to spring break

i was driving my car home...i turned right onto mill from broadway and quickly moved onto the outside lane. and then the lights. those horrible red, blue, and white lights.
my first thought was that i was in the cops way, but NO. he was after me. poor little me.
so he comes up to my window and really rudely says, "why were you doing that?". in my head i'm like, "what are you talking about?", but he keeps talking, accusing me of changing lanes dangerously and without signaling.
i can tell he probably expected me to be drunk or crazy or rude, but i just told him (really nicely) that i hadn't realized i was driving "unsafely", so he ignored me and asked for my license and registration.
for a moment i hoped he would just give me a warning, but instead he made me wait at least 15 minutes while he stood by his car, filling out paperwork. it took him so long i started to worry that something was wrong with my registration or something. but no...i'm pretty sure he was at a loss of what to ticket me with.
well, he figured it out eventually: "moving left/right not in safety". well, you're cool, mr. cop. i'm glad you stopped me before something horrible happened. meanwhile there are plenty of people out there driving intoxicated or running red lights, etc.
and honestly, i don't think i would care if the fine wasn't for $171. really? i'm barely able to afford groceries and you just charged me more than half my rent because i changed lanes? you're a horrible person.
and maybe it'd be okay if i was actually being unsafe. but i wasn't speeding, and i checked my blindspot, and i didn't cut anyone off. and don't tell me there was traffic, was 10:30 at night.
but i won't be anxious (phil 4:6), and i won't dwell on the fact that my parents will probably never let this go for the rest of my life. nope. i'll be okay. no thanks to you, mr. cop.

Love, krystal.

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