Monday, March 2, 2009

what's wrong with you, mr. bachelor?

this world is going to crap.
let me back it up a bit.
the bachelor picked his wife out tonight. it came down to two ladies: melissa and molly. don't ask me anything about them cuz i don't watch the show, but anyway the bachelor picked MELISSA. the last two minutes of the show consisted of extreme "happiness". there was a lot of twirling and kissing, several "i love you"s and just way too much cheesy-ness to bear.
my first thoughts were...this can't be real. there's no way this is gonna last more than a week. this bachelor just spent the last i don't know how many weeks making out and sweet-talking with like 25 women. he's been drowned in kindness and fake smiles from girls whose primarily goal was to convince him she's "the one".
almost as soon as i finish my pessimistic and completely valid thoughts, another show comes on..."the bachelor, after the final rose". huh, i think, this should be interesting...and if not, i'll just change the channel. HORRIBLE DECISION.
onto the show comes mr. bachelor, with a pathetically sad expression plastered all over his face. obviously, something is wrong. i then learn that this show has been taped six weeks after the bachelor's proposal. this is promising, i think. i'll get an immediate answer to my speculation that jason(the bachelor) and melissa's relationship has already gone down the tubes.
i was right.
but it gets worse. not only was jason coming on national television to tell his fiancee that he's not in love with her anymore and that he doesn't think the marriage is gonna work, he has the NERVE to invite molly to the show because he "hasn't been able to stop thinking about her". Molly, let me remind you, was the other woman---the one he let go in order to propose to melissa.
the worst part is that the show is twisted in a way that implies you should feel bad for jason. he's crying, repeating over and over that he can't control his feelings, saying crap like "it's not you, it's me". i felt like wringing his neck. especially when he said "i feel horrible for doing this to melissa, but i need to follow my heart". you FOOL! you are a lame excuse for a man. how can you bear to tell your fiancee that you want to ditch her for a chance with another woman? because you didn't realize you could "fall in love with 2 people at once"? i don't even know you, but i can't stand you.
and Molly. you took him back. you believed his every word. you're both fools.
it's people like you that convince me that this world is going to crap.


Love, krystal.


  1. 2nd to last line: HAHAHA. Touche!

  2. that bachelor guy is definitely a confused child who hasn't had a serious relationship since he was divorced and perhaps forgot how relationships work? Or maybe he is just stupid and wants to half his own talk show "a dumb man in the twilight zone of indecision and attention-seeking behavior"

  3. Haha! My relational comm class just referenced this show last night to describe some kind of love...oops...I already forgot what type. Oh well! I laughed and thought of you!

  4. you should see my friend mish's post right above your's on my blog! i love you friend! haha

  5. lol. Oh Krystal. How I love your truths. You make my heart warm inside. I miss you girl.