Sunday, April 5, 2009

love in the ballpark

i was listening to a song in the car today--thanks to bekah--and it was called "out of my league". it was a funny song, basically a guy expressing all the ways in which his girlfriend/girl-friend? was ,well, out of his league. but this song...however great some people might think that it not the point of this post.
my focus here lies in the phrase: "out of my league"
i understand the concept. basically, when a person feels that another person--usually of some romantic interest--is perhaps of better quality or higher caliber than him/herself. it makes sense, although i would never use the phrase myself. but i think the bigger question here is, what happened to "in my league"? the phrase seems to have been completely overlooked. and really, it's quite a shame.
take zack for example. he's a pretty cool guy, plays the guitar, knows a couple of interesting jokes, not strikingly handsome, but definitely above average. he's your typical guy and tonight, he's at a friend's house, hanging out with his peeps. his good friend ernie is there and he spots a girl across the room. she's a little shorter than average height, brunette, brown eyes, has a nice shirt and jeans on, and rumor has it, she's a pretty good student. so ernie turns to zach and says, "hey, you should go talk to that girl over there...she's in your league..." and zach, being the sensible guy that he is, heads over to the girl and says "so i noticed that you and me, we might be in the same league, and i was wondering if you didn't mind dancing with me for a bit?" "sure", girl says, "i agree with that statement." two weeks later, they're married.
unfortunately, because, as a society, we have completely ignored the flip side of the phrase "out of my league", millions of people have been refused their right to know that certain others are in their league, and so we have destroyed the increased amount of happiness that this world truly deserves.
so what is our hesitation? what is our bias against this combination of words? i submit that there should be none.

Love, krystal.

for the record...if you ever tell me i'm "in your league", i will kick you in the face. that's just rude.


  1. Hey Krystal...So...I noticed that you and me might be in the same league....wanna dance? :p

    Haha good luck kicking me in the face from AZ :)