Wednesday, April 1, 2009


today i remembered again. it was so strange, i was listening to some music, minding my own business, and for some reason i made a face, and there was an immediate flashback. i saw my expression in one of their faces, one they frequently made, especially when i was around. i would laugh at their faces, my heart smiling, and continue on with the conversation/activity/silence, not realizing then that it was soon going to be gone forever.
it's one of those things that i will never forget. friendships created in an instant and as real as you and me. i remember our first encounter: i was sitting outside of the dorms when a bunch of guys came up to where i was and we started talking. well, i wasn't really talking much, as is usual when i first meet people, but there was a conversation. a bunch of broken english and misunderstandings later, i went to bed, thinking very little of the encounter, but content nonetheless, happy to have met such interesting people.
even now i can't describe or even understand how such an awkward beginning turned into one of the most memorable friendships of my life.
those guys came all the way from Turkey to change my life forever. they were my long lost brothers that i could trust with anything. i had never experienced such a sacrificial attitude and such beautiful hearts. there were so many times that we looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking. we spoke in first grade english most of the time, but it didn't matter.
these flashbacks...moments of memory come back to the present...are both happy and painful. and they only happen every once in a while now. but i doubt that they will ever go away.

i miss them a lot. my brothers, seviyorum.

Love, krystal

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