Thursday, October 2, 2008

five things

five inevitabilities of life i could live without:

1. labor pains: i know they're not something i have to deal with anytime soon...but the thought of them gives me nightmares. although...can you imagine a world without labor pains...i bet there'd be a lot more people around. which, frankly, is not a very happy thought either.

2. wrinkles: not that i'm any more vain than the next person, but wrinkles lead to loose body parts, which lead to death. well...excessively loose arms and legs, etc, don't lead to death, but they imply oldness- which leads to death.

3. living alone: unless i get married right out of college...and the way things are going, that doesn't seem like a very likely circumstance (which is fine, i guess)...i will end up living alone. sleeping alone, in the dark, by myself, eating alone, by myself, cleaning alone, by myself, driving home to an empty space, alone. utterly by myself. Stop it. i'm freaking out.

4. leaving arizona: as much as i'm convinced of my departure, i'm just as convinced that i will miss this hellishly hot place miserably. i will have spent 4 years of my life here, and i can't imagine not being around all of these people that i've grown to love and cherish. and suddenly this post has taken a very serious turn.

5. tomorrow morning: friday morning classes at 0730 should not exist. i can already see myself waking up 30 minutes later than i anticipated, walking around aimlessly as i try, without much luck, to look decent for what i know will be 5 worthless hours of lecture filled with monotone voices and confusing material that will take me hours to figure out on my own.

but it will all happen anyway.

love, krystal.

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