Sunday, October 5, 2008


ten things i plan on doing if i ever gain the power of invisibility:

1. drive/ride a bike
2. sneak into an amusement park/movie theatre/any place that requires costly admission
3. eavesdrop on conversations about myself...or anyone else, for that matter
4. run around with less clothes on than socially acceptable (hey...wouldn't you?)
5. do the whole tap-a-person-on-the-opposite-shoulder thing
6. follow someone around for a day (preferably someone i kinda like---you can't be a stalker if no one can see you, right?)
7. whisper into someone's ear
8. walk around by myself at night
9. stare at people for extended periods of time
10. walk through every door that says "employees only"

and that is why God has wisely decided to deny me this request.

love, krystal

p.s. Think. what would you do?


  1. I think it's funny that you would tap someone on the opposite shoulder as opposed to ANY shoulder... cuz you're invisible and they'd be confused either way... haha!
    hmm, I would definitely eat off someone's plate. That way every time they went to take a bite they'd think "Where the hey did half my burrito go?!" Muwhaha!

  2. I hate those "employees only" doors. I always imagined that behind those doors was where they keep all the really amazing stuff. Then when I worked at target I found was true. seriously some amazing stuff back there, but I guess you'll never know.

    Also if I was invisible I'd
    1)Write on the whiteboard during class
    2)sit in the back seat of someone's car and then clap after they finished singing along with the radio
    3)and help someone hit a hole in one, or bowl a 300 cause its simple but gives them a story for life.

  3. aHAHA Gabe your number two is amazing :p